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Baby Shower for Arianna

With one month to go, there is lots of excitement in the air for the arrival of baby Arianna. Jaime and Nick will soon be the proud parents of a baby girl and Jaime’s sister Nicole will at last meet her niece which she intends to spoil for any and all occasions. With that said, it’s no surprise Nicole put together a spectacular baby shower for Arianna.  Jaime and Nicole are two special ladies in my life. Nicole is one of my dearest friends from the days of high school and Jaime has also become a friend over years of working together.  Both are very beautiful and very bright women and I am sure this little girl will follow in their steps of success and total awesomeness. Daddy Nick picked Arianna as this little girl’s name and I bet that no matter where growing up takes her, she will always be every bit a “daddy’s girl”. Congrats Jaime and Nick, I can’t wait to meet Arianna!