Where do I begin when there are so many awesome things to share about this wedding! How about a little back story. Nicole and Jeremy met during their WVU undergrad days while working at Ledo’s Pizza, often trading shifts with co-workers so they could be scheduled together.  Fast forward six years to July 2016 when this wonderful couple married at the Governor Calvert House. They did an incredible job personalizing their wedding details which told a story about their common bonds and history as a couple. More about their wedding following the photos.
Wedding day jewelry with a sparkle
Bride getting her hair done for wedding
details of a lacy wedding dress
bride hugging flower girl
bride sharing a note with her mom
flower girl headband
groom and groomsmen playing video games
groom portrait
Groom and Groomsmen photos in Annapolis state circle
Harry potter wedding day wands
Harry Potter Theme wedding with wands for wedding party
flower girl playing with wand
Bride unbuttoning wedding dress
Mother of the bride helping bride getting ready
Bridesmaid helping bride put on necklace.
Bride checking herself out in the mirror
Bride and Bridesmaids at Annapolis State Circle
Bride and Bridesmaid posing with rubber gloves
bride and flower girl
Annapolis Bride
Annapolis wedding flowers
Flower Girl Helping Bride with her Dress
West Virginia Bride University Bride and Groom
Annapolis wedding party
Historic Annapolis Inns Wedding . Cafe light wedding ceremony
Lantern lined ceremony aisle. Governor Calvert House Wedding Ceremony
Flower Girl walking down the ceremony aisle
Groom waiting for bride to walk do the aisle
Bride walking down the aisle with her father
Courtyard cafe light wedding ceremony at the Governor Calvert house
Annapolis Wedding Governor Calvert House
Annapolis State circle wedding photos of wedding party
Harry Potter wedding theme, wedding party using wands
Bride and Groom Photos at the Annapolis state circle
Beautiful Annapolis Bride
Annapolis wedding photo ideas
Historic Maryland Wedding Photos
Beautiful Annapolis Summer wedding
Silhouette of Bride and Groom
Stunning black and white photos of bride and Groom
Timeless Black and White Wedding Photos
Historic Annapolis Wedding
Key to your seat table setting
Wingaraium leviosa Harry Potter wedding
Lumos Harry Potter Wedding theme
Harry Potter wedding wand spells for table names
Wedding introduction
Historic_Inns_Annapolis_Wedding_ RachelSmithPhotography_052
Wedding first dance in the courtyard
First dance dip
Wedding Cake with Harry Potter cake topper
Harry Potter cake topper with Hedwig the owl
Bride Laughing with her grandmother
Father daughter dance with all father's and daughters joining
Flower girl dancing with father
Wedding dance party at Governor calvert house
Wedding sing along
Bouquet toss
Bride and flower girl dancing to shout
Wedding sing along guest making a circle
Wedding party at Historic Annapolis Inns
WVU dance party at a wedding
Wedding succulent favors
Night time wedding photos in Annapolis
Historic_Inns_Annapolis_Wedding_ RachelSmithPhotography_070
Backlight night wedding photos
wedding day fireworks
Bride and Groom with fireworks

Annapolis Wedding Governor Calvert House

Creating a unique hashtag has become a wedding day staple. So what better one than #wedinwhitecoats for this Pathologists’ Assistant and Osteopathic Medical student couple. Nicole and Jeremy are united in many complementary ways including their faith, friends, and most impressive their shared knowledge of every Harry Potter character in all seven books. Their absolute compatibility was made manifest during their ceremony. Jeremy and Nicole’s vows sounded like cherished love letters. They were deeply thoughtful and harmonious with the other’s hopes, dreams, and promises.
Although I don’t know all the details about every couple going into their wedding, I do try to pick up on their story and how they fit together during our time together at their engagement session. Nicole and Jeremy told me about their common love for Harry Potter and added a personal touch to the session by including two wands. I had a feeling going into the wedding many more Potter references would be made and it was time for me to get schooled on the subject. I didn’t have time to read all seven books before their wedding, but with the help of some friends, we did have a Harry Potter movie marathon. This by far was my favorite thing I’ve ever done to prep for a client’s wedding! Come their wedding day, I was geeking over all the details that referenced this incredible series of fantasy novels. Their tables were named after spells; the guest book was a marauders map; the wedding party was supplied with wands; their cake topper included Harry Potter’s owl Hedwig; ceremony music included songs from the Harry Potter movies, and I’m sure there are other details I’m forgetting, but I think you get the picture : )
After a super fun night of dancing, Nicole and Jeremy finished a truly magical day with a series of enchanting night photos. I want to give a special thank you to Anna Arpasi for assisting with fireworks and lighting. Congratulations and thank you Nicole and Jeremy for allowing me to capture your wedding day story!!
makeup- Jami Funk-Wilbanks (Captivating Imaj Make-up Artistry)
accessories- bracelet – Nordstrom, hair bobbies – BHLDN, necklace –shop amandadeer
wedding dress design and shop- The Bridal Boutique ,Allure
suits- Men’s Wearhouse
second photographer- Anna Arpasi