So we are almost three months into the new year but I can’t seem to get enough of my clients from 2012. I was looking through images from last year and thinking about how many really powerful relationships I had the privilege of capturing.

With three months to go until I walk down that isle and say “I do,” the time has come to start thinking about what it is I want to say to my man on our wedding day. Nancy and Brian were actually my last wedding in 2012 and I have been thinking about them a lot lately.  Their ceremony had a lasting impression on me. Nancy and Brian wrote letters to one another and during their ceremony, their Rabbi read them out loud. To be able to hear from the hearts of two people so wonderfully made for one another was breathtaking. Their words to each other were loving, genuine, profound, and even humorous. I have no idea how much time passed because I felt myself lost in the moment. I just remember I wanted to hear more! This couple has been such an inspiration for me. It’s so very easy to get caught up in the details when planning a wedding. But Nancy and Brian take me back to what all weddings are really about. It’s about putting it all out there (by way of letter or impromptu) and saying “Yes, I do, Always!”

It’s true, we are the most beautiful soul in the eyes of the one that loves us with their whole heart. I wish for Nancy and Brian that they will always love each other and see each other as beautiful as they did on their wedding day.