Mansion House at the Maryland Zoo

Maryland Zoo Wedding Photography

Looking for an elegant setting without that stuffy feeling? A place where you can add a Penguin to your black tux affair? A wedding at the Maryland Zoo Mansion house is a beautiful historic (circa 1801) venue to strike this balance.  This unique space features a four-side layout, large windows on all side for natural beautiful light and buttery yellow paint that accents the warm romantic light glowing from the chandeliers. A perfect setting for your Maryland Zoo wedding photography memories. The venue offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception options. The Mansion house is the premier space for indoor celebrations and the Pavilions are the fantastic outdoor location options.

The Lakeside Pavilion is  one of their outdoor options for both your ceremony and an outdoor reception. This serene private setting is located at the Boat Lake and is the perfect waterfront backdrop for your event. 

Located near the Zoo’s main gate and tram stop for easy access to our exhibits is the Waterfrowl Pavilion. This is a fantastic option for an outdoor party with plenty of room for activities, dancing, and celebrating!

“Forget the Butterflies, I feel the whole Zoo when I am with you.”
Shifa Shazmeen 

Event Options & Capacity

Finding the right Baltimore wedding venue also means finding a space that fits your guest list.

Mansion House With Dinner & Dancing

Lakeside pavilion Seated events

Waterfrowl Pavilion Seated under structure

Mansion House Seated Events

Lakeside Pavilion Weddings Ceremonies

Waterfrowl Pavilion STanding under structure

Mansion House Cocktail Style

Each location offers many wonderful backdrop options for your Maryland Zoo wedding photography.

Entire Waterfowl green area

Animal Ambassadors 

A Maryland Zoo wedding isn’t complete without a drop-in from at least one the 20 different zoo animal ambassadors. While your guests are mingling at cocktail hour, add a little extra entertainment with a visit from a penguin, rabbit or other small mammals or birds. Your Maryland Zoo wedding photography memories will be extra special with a few snapshots with one or more of these “party animals”. 

Mansion House at the Maryland Zoo Photography Gallery

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