Historic Belvedere– Leading up to Jillian and Brian’s wedding, Jillian and I created a timeline together that carved out time for some really great planned moments. Jillian requested a “first look” with her father and a “no peek” meet with her groom Brian. For those who do not know what these events include, a “first look” with the father is a moment when the bride’s father sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding gown on her wedding day. A “no peek meet” with the groom is a moment when the bride and groom can talk to one another and hold hands but a wall or door between them keeps them from seeing one another. Planning ahead for these moments added to the joy and excitement of their wedding day and were some of my favorite candids from their wedding.
   From one of the most enthusiastic group of bridesmaids, to a choreographed family dance, Jillian and Brian’s wedding bursted at the seams with love and joy! After the ceremony the family gathered for photos. All of the great energy almost went out the window when I knocked into a glass flower arrangement while fixing Jillian’s train. But Brian with lightning fast reflexes some how reached around Jillian and me and caught the glass flower arrangement mid-air. He saved the flowers, the wedding dress, and my camera from a pool of water and glass. And for this, Brian is my lifetime hero. During dinner Jillian and Brian slipped out for a few photos by the fire and under theHistoric Belvedere sign. The party ended as strong as the day began. Congrats Jillian and Brian on your wedding and marriage!
Bride and Groom in front of FireplaceRed wedding PaletteHistoric BelvedereGroom waiting for ceremony to startHistoric Belvedere
Wedding Stationary- MLC Designs
Florist- My Flower Box
DJ- Mike Hughes
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