One camera, one lens, my husband, and a handful of miracles- this was our honeymoon in Italy.

I’ll let the photos do most of the narrating, but first I want to share a couple quick stories…
Like while I was in Florence I sat in my enormous hotel window listening to a recording of an opera, only to realize it wasn’t a recording at all but that my window backed up to the opera house. I felt the soul of Florence in that moment. The following morning John and I rented a vespa and headed for the Tuscan Hills. After a handful of days in the cities of Rome and Florence, the countryside was calling our names. All started well but the weather turned and we were caught in a crazy storm. The first miracle was that we returned unscarred and still married after driving around lost in the rain for two hours.  The second is that a man who didn’t speak a word of english was able to give us directions back to our hotel. Getting lost in Florence means being only a few miles away from your destination, but stuck in a Labyrinth of one way squares. Despite the chaos, there was something very romantic about holding onto my hubby for dear life as he dodged and weaved past Italian drivers.

On our way to Venice we stopped in Verona for lunch. It was here that I spilled an entire drink into my bag which was holding my camera. My camera instantly died a sticky liquid death. I was beyond devastated. On the ferry to the venice islands I contemplated jumping into the lagoon and sinking to the bottom…what is the point of living if I can’t photograph it! John talked me off the plank with promises of a delicious dinner and vino. He assured me that if we just let the camera dry in the window it would work in the morning. I told him he was out of him mind. Well, to my total disbelief my camera came back to life in the morning. Ok, John, I am more than happy to say this: You Were Right : ) After this not so small miracle of “camera resurrection”, every photo there after was a little miracle in itself.