Maryland Family Photography, Snow Day -Last week my beautiful niece Abigail turned eight weeks old. Many baby sessions are done within the 3-14 day newborn window, but it is equally wonderful to wait to do a session when your little one is more alert and expressive. Nothing brings a bigger smile to Abigail’s face than the sight of her mom Sarah’s smile. Abigail is a very laid back little lady, which is going to come in handy when following around her super curious and independent big sister Elizabeth. When Abigail was first born, I didn’t really see all the facial similarities between the girls, but as we worked through session, the “sister” likeness started to show. About half way through the session, Elizabeth woke from her nap. I’m always really excited to see Elizabeth. So when I heard her at the top of the steps, I took a break from photos of Abigail and played for a bit with Elizabeth. We sat together in the bay window and counted snowflakes. I have always been obsessed with Elizabeth’s long, long lashes and was thrilled to get some great shots of them as we watched the snow fall. Before we wrapped up the session, Ben, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Abigail gathered in the bay window for a family photo. I can’t think of a better way to spend a snow day than with family and my two beautiful nieces!

Maryland Family Photography, Baby Hats for Girls

Maryland Family Photography, Snow Day, Eight Weeks Old Baby GirlMaryland Family Photography, Eight Weeks Old Baby GirlMaryland Family Photography, Baby Girl HeadbandMaryland Family Photography, Baby girl pink headband

The photo above is Abigail and the photo below is Elizabeth at about the same age. I adore their smiles. Such beauties!


And here is Elizabeth now at two and a half, those lashes!!Maryland Family Photography, Toddler Photography

Baby_Photography_Rachel_Smith_Photography_09Maryland Family Photography, Snow Day, Toddler GirlBaby_Photography_Rachel_Smith_Photography_11

Abigail is so chill she even smiles in her sleep. Such a good looking family aren’t they.

Maryland Family Photography, Snow Session with FamilyBaby_Photography_Rachel_Smith_Photography_14Baby_Photography_Rachel_Smith_Photography_15

One last smile from Abigail while in Sarah’s arms.


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