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Maryland Farm Wedding

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Bride with horse Country Chic

Maryland Farm Wedding- At the heart and soul of Allison and Rex’s wedding was a deep wholesome family bond. Not just the family by blood, but of their family of friends and family of God, too. I don’t always remember the sermons at the weddings I attend, but Pastor Dunnan spoke with great wisdom about what it means to enter into a wedding contract.  In short, he spoke in a witty manner, pointing out that a wedding contract is a pretty crummy deal by our cultural standards. Most contracts include pages of “conditions” as a way for us to get out when the going gets rough or ugly. But a wedding contract has one condition, to unconditionally love one another for a lifetime. In a world where we replace and upgrade when we get bored and discard when something becomes aged,  a marriage contract is a “crummy contract.” But the reality is, to be unconditionally loved by someone is the most secure feeling in the world and to give love unconditionally is the greatest gift one could give. As Christ loves us, we can live in that same kind of love by living out a marriage contract, without condition, only love.

There was so much about their wedding that felt familiar, felt like home, felt like how you would feel when you are with family. There were some details that very much resonated with me as I too enjoyed similar things on my own wedding day. Allison wore a gown by Watters bridal, took photos with a horse, and posed under a rainbow with her husband…just as I did one year and 7 days earlier. I certainly think their wedding was unique to them. (Like the fact that they had a camping area called the “tent village” for the after party)! I was just so tickled to be able to photograph a wedding where I felt so welcome and at home. Thank you Allison, Rex, and your families for having me as your wedding day photographer! Congrats!

Venue- Private Farm

Wedding Gown- Betsy Robinson’s Bridal

Florist- Marlow, McCrystle & Jones

Hair and Makeup- Up Dos For I Dos