Watching the snow fall today got me thinking about Allison and Sean’s beautiful winter wedding. They were married a couple years ago at the Naval Academy Chapel during a blizzard. Nearly 24 inches of snow accumulated in 24 hours, but just about everyone made it to the chapel and their venue the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. I was shooting with Carol Masica as her second photographer and we fully embraced the opportunity to capture portraits inside the gorgeous USNA Chapel and snow photos outside at the Beach Club. What a fun memory and unforgettable wedding! Happy snow day everyone : )

Naval Academy Winter Wedding

Naval Academy Wedding

Winter Naval Academy Wedding

Bride and Groom inside naval academy chapel

Arch of swords

Naval Academy Arch of swords


Purple wedding flowers

Snow Covered Beach Club

Romantic Snow Wedding

Blizzard Wedding

Snow Wedding

Winter Bride and Groom

Snowy Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay Beach House

Wedding Day BrewWinter Wedding Planning Advice

If you are planning a winter wedding in Maryland, keep in mind your romantic event may include a little (or a lot) of snow. Ask your vendors and venues what their policy is for inclement weather. If your venue is a hotel or has accommodations nearby, offer to put your traveling vendors up for the night if they have concerns about traveling in hazardous weather conditions. No matter what time of year, always be ready to roll with the punches. Your event is only as good as you make it and a positive attitude means a lifetime of happy memories- no matter if it’s sun, rain, wind, or blizzard. Having a plan B ahead of time will also help with those wedding planning nerves. We can’t control everything, but when in a bind, it’s nice to have options which can help minimize stress. If poor weather conditions mean you can’t take the outdoor photos you have been dreaming about, ask your photographer about booking a post wedding session when you can rock your dress again and create your dream outdoor wedding portraits. Remember that although portraits are a special part of your wedding day, it’s the unplanned moments that really make a wedding story and often become the couple’s favorite memories.

Naval Academy Winter Wedding