Herrington Harbour Wedding

“You are here and so am I, maybe millions of people go by, but they all disappear from view, and I only have eyes for you”.  When Rachel looks and Kate, and when Kate looks at Rachel, you can see in their gaze a kind of love that takes them deep within each other’s hearts.  They look at one another in that way only lovers do. The way that makes everything around them go silent. What a pleasure it is to be able to photograph and witness this kind of love. I couldn’t be happier for Rachel and Kate to be able to publicly share and commit their love. It may have been rainy on their Herrington Harbour wedding day, but who really cares about the weather when something so awesome is taking place. A wedding between two people so well matched and so much in love. Kate and Rachel shared a first look, wrote their own vows, tucked flowers into their curls and rocked lovely white wedding gowns. Guests enjoyed a delicious and fully stacked Sunday morning brunch during the reception, followed by a very special sweet treat. Inside their wedding cake was a surprise rainbow layer cake created by the seriously talented Jenna Celius. We ended the reception with a balcony shot of the newlyweds, one of my favorites from their wedding day. Congrats Rachel and Kate. May all your rainy days be filled with love and rainbows.

Herrington Harbor Wedding
Herrington Harbor Wedding
Herrington Harbor Wedding

Herrington Harbour Wedding Venue: Herrington on the Bay
Flowers: Daniel Toman
Rainbow Inside Cake: Jenna Celius
Wedding Reception DJ: Thomas Bold
Ceremony Guitar Musician: Lea Morris
Wedding Ceremony Officiate: Hope McNew
Second Photographer:Breanna Shaw Photography
Song in quotes: The Flamingos “I only have eyes for you”
F a c e b o o k