Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain”. So what do you do when you have planned a beautiful beach wedding soirée and the official recorded rain fall for the area hits 3.11 inches?? You party in the rain of course! Tai and Max did just that without missing a beat. They didn’t let weather get in the way of their celebration and I know this couple has the grace and wisdom to endure whatever storms are ahead for them. Check out their Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photos and read more about their wedding at the bottom of the post!

Wedding Rings, Square Engagement Diamond

Groom getting ready, funny photo

Bridesmaids in PJs and t-shirts

Bridal Earrings and Shoes

Wedding day Shoes

Bride with her girls in their wedding day t-shirts

First Look, groom with back to bride

First look, groom turning to bride

Bride and groom at first look

Wedding party watching first look

Wedding Party Rainy Day Plan

Romantic wedding flowers

Bride with her bridesmaids

Groomsmen at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Bride and Maid of Honor at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Tavern

Romantic bridal bouquet

Bridal Portrait in the Tavern at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Bride and Groom Kissing Grandma

Huppah at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Calligraphy seating cards

Flower Girl Laughing

Baby toes on wedding day

Groom walking flower girl down the aisle

Bride and her father walking down the aisle

Indoor Ceremony at The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Wedding Kiss

Bride and Groom walking down the aisle

Groom dipping bride

Bride and Groom on the beach at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Sultry look, Bride looking over groom's shoulder

Bride and Groom photos on the beach



Reception at The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Table settings at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club




Whimsical Wedding Flowers

Funning Wedding Introductions

Naked Cake

Joyful father of the bride

Edgy Night time Wedding Photos

Moody Wedding Photos, Rainy Wedding

Dance party at wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

Dance party

Dance party at wedding at the Chesapeake Bay Beach

Dancing to Shout

Wedding favors, Cookies in thank you bag

Parkler exit at Chesapeake Bay Beach Club


Chesapeake Bay Beach Club Wedding Photography- When I arrived on Tai and Max’s wedding day, I was greeted by a team of bridesmaids all rocking adorable pj pants and “bridesmaids” tees. Tai was relaxing in the makeup chair sharing laughs with the girls. All her details were neatly arranged in a separate room for me and the video team. Talk about prepared! After the girls finished getting ready, we traveled to the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club for the wedding day festivities. Tai had a toast with her girls and then headed out for the first look. The wedding party watched from the tavern, while Tai and Max shared their first wedding day moments together. Max was totally blown away by Tai’s stunning wedding day look! The only person who could have maybe stolen the spotlight from the couple was their daughter little miss Ella. For the ceremony processional, Max carried their darling little girl down the aisle and their guests totally flipped over it. Everyone was clapping and cheering over the sight! After the ceremony there was a break in the rain, so we dashed outside for beach photos. The timing could not have been more perfect, because just as we finished up, the rain started up again. The wedding dinner was in the beach house ballroom, followed by dancing and socializing in the tavern bayside. One of my favorite surprises of the night (other than Max attempting a flip on the dance floor) was a very involved story told by Max’s groomsmen Matt. It was a tale of drama, comedy, suspense, and what is now known as the beginning of Tai and Max’s love story. Photographing Tai and Max’s wedding day was an absolute delight and I feel so honored that they shared their day with me! Wishing Tai, Max, and little miss Ella all the love in the world!

accessories- Swarovski earrings
wedding bands- Masica diamonds
engagement ring- John Greenan and Sons
wedding dress design and shop- love couture
stationary and Calligraphy- Stephanie B Design
video- Bowenfilms
second Photographer- Angela Powell Woulfe