Today’s feature is more than a portrait session, it’s a session with a mission. A few months ago Clare and I met for a little coffee and conversation. It was mostly about the wedding business, but also the beginning of something deeper. Clare always knew she wanted to find a way she could uplift the world around and beyond her, but didn’t know how until she was introduced to Trades of Hope.
Trades of Hope empowers women out of poverty around the world by selling ethically produced fashion accessories and home decor. She found her “something greater” in this fantastic company and joined the cause by launching an online shop. She then reached out to me to see about doing a session to help build her reach with photography. After chatting about the mission behind the session, I could not wait to collaborate with her! Check out Clare beautifully modeling many of the items and read more about Trades of Hope at the bottom of the post.
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Get the Boho look with ethically made goodsEmpowering Women
Trades of Hope lifts women and families out of poverty around the world by selling ethically produced goods. Many of which are beautiful jewelry pieces perfect for your wedding day attire. If you are looking for bridesmaids’ jewelry or gifts, I recommend checking out the shop. Your girls will feel great wearing something they know is helping improve our world!
I had Clare send me a little write up about how the company sells these goods and her experience working with the company. Check it out:
“Trades of Hope follows the home party model. And let me tell you, that is way outside of my comfort zone. But I quickly realized in a society where we are constantly bombarded by impersonal messages, these artisans’ stories and products deserve to be shared personally and directly. Plus I am determined & excited to find other ways to share their stories and pieces.
I am thankful to be in a part of a growing population that is becoming more conscious of its environmental footprint and the source of its goods. And these same people are grateful for the introduction to Trades of Hope – beautiful products, each with a story, products that help change the cycle of poverty and help change the world.
It’s a challenge for me to speak up this way, but women around the world face far greater challenges. Their stories will move and inspire you. And, for the bride shopping today with and for her closest friends, Trades of Hope jewelry extends the gift of sisterhood to women who are just discovering their strength.”
Thank you Clare for sharing your beautiful story and mission with me!
If you would like to learn more or even host a party (online or in person), you can reach Clare
If you are interested in viewing or shopping, please visit here: Shop
You can follow Clare and see her rock the new fall items on Instagram @clarea_