Hunt Valley Golf Club- I first met Samantha and Mike in 2013 when they were guests at Amanda and Brad’s wedding. They were engaged and experiencing the world of weddings from both the guest prospective and the”bride and groom to be” point of view. Well Samantha must have paid very close attention to all the details, because she pulled out all the stops for their wedding.  When I arrived on their wedding day, Samantha had all her wedding accessories and details laid out and ready for photos. There was a bookshelf holding eight pairs of shoes and in the middle were Samantha’s fabulous Betsey Johnson heels.  In the closet I found the bridesmaids’ dresses and flower girl’s dress on personalized hangers. On the dresser were eight purple bags containing “wedding day” essentials for all the ladies. Samantha included white mini doughnuts in the flower girl’s bag, so that if there was a mess, the white powdered sugar would blend right in with her dress. Genius! After the girls finished getting ready, we headed over to the Hunt Valley Golf Club for the rest of the wedding day festivities. Rock paper design did a fantastic job with the ceremony programs and wine bottles that doubled as part of the centerpiece decor. In continuation with the wine theme, wine corks were used as name card holders. After dinner, Frank with Friendly Entertainment cranked up the tunes and guests hit the dance floor with glow sticks and party shades. Kyle Bergner (second photographer) and I had a blast photographing all the color tracers from the glow sticks, and we were amused by the glow stick jump rope and limbo the guests created. Samantha and Mike’s party went strong till the end of the night and guests most definitely enjoyed their fill of treats, drinks, and fun. Thank you Samantha and Mike for throwing a great wedding party and for the take home cupcakes. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Betsey Johnson heelswedding dress hangermonogram wine glasseslace wedding dressBetsey Johnson heelsBetsey Johnson heelsBride getting readyHunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_008Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_009Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_010Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_011Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_012Flower girl and Ring Barer Bridesmaids in PurpleBridal Portrait Groomsmen in PurpleWedding ProgramWedding Ceremony in PurpleHunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_019Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_020Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_021Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_022Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_023Hunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_037Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_038Hunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubHunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_041Hunt Valley Golf ClubHunt Valley Golf ClubWedding Mad LibsHunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_045Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_046Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_047Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_048Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_049Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_050Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_051Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_052Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_053Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_054Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_055Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_056Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_057Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_058Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_059Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_060Hunt_Valley_Golf_Course_Rachel_Smith_Photo_061


dress shop- Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection (Maggie Sottero)
hair and makeup- Renaissance Salon and Spa
favors- Handmade by Bride, MOB, and MOH
rings- Steve Brown
accessories- Swarovski
wine bottles- rock paper design  
second photographer- Kyle Bergner Photography