Patagonia and Beyond- Highlights Part I:

Before John and I ventured off for a 12 day trip to the bottom of South America, I had questions…many, many questions. I came home with many photos, some answers, and even more questions. Our surreal travels got me thinking that maybe this lifestyle of constant curiosity is not for uncovering answers to all my questions, but to uncover a life so full of wonder and awe, I simply marvel in mystery and humility. I plan to blog photos and stories about the places we went. But for now, here are some of our moments in awe.

Mt. Fitz Roy, Serene River Scene, Patagonia


Eco Domes, Eco Camp, Patagonia


Turquoise Water, Glacier Lake, Surreal Landscape, Torres Del Paine


Field of Wildflowers, EcoCamp


Old Wise Dog, Dog with Beard, El Calafate


Fresh water from Iceberg, Laguna Torre


Candle lit Portrait


Double Rainbow, Glacier Lake, Lake Pehoe


Lovers Napping, Torres Del Paine


Bridge to Mountains, Torres Del Paine, Patagonia and Beyond


Mercedes Truck


Hawk taking flight


Glacier River, French Glacier, Patagonia




Spiraling Mountains, Los Cuernos Mountains Torres Del Paine Park


Wild Flamingo, Patagonia Wildlife




Lake Pehoe, Electric Blue Water, Turquoise Lake, Cuerno Principal


Chilean Flags at Los Cuernos Chile Patagonia


Guanacos in Torres Del Paine


Lamb Meat served at EcoCamp Patagonia


Trail Route from El Pilar Patagonia, tree in Sunlight


Before our trip, I yearned for one very specific thing. It was to sit under a clear sky and see deep into the Milky Way. When I stare into the depths of billions of stars, I need no answers, I need only to observe and live. There is so much I want to share (and will)! But most of all I hope this inspires you to find a place where you can see a billion stars.


Milky Way, Patagonia Night Sky, EcoCamp Patagonia


Piedras Blancas, Glacier on Mountain, Patagonia


Mount Fitz Roy, Surreal Landscape, Deep Blue Water, Glaciers


El Chalten, Mount Fitz Roy, Glacier Lake Patagonia


Patagonia, Andean Condor


El Chalten, Cerro Fitz Roy


Mountain Town, El Chalten, Argentina Patagonia


Laguna Torre Rocks


Cactus Garden, Botanical Gardens Buenos Aires Argentina


Refugio Chileno, Chile Patagonia Torres Del Paine


Mt Fitz Roy


Glacier Lake, Iceberg, Lake Torre, Laguna Torre, Patagonia


Ushuaia or bust!


Cerro Solo, Argentina Patagonia


El Chalten Patagonia Mt Fitz Roy, Peugeot Historic Car


Road to El Chalten Patagonia Mt Fitz Roy


Perito Moreno Argentina Patagonia Glaciares National Park


Ice Field, Blue Glaciers, Frozen Earth, Glaciares National Park


Perito Moreno Argentina Patagonia Glaciares National Park


Magellanic Woodpecker, Black and Red Woodpecker


Lake Pehoe, Electric Blue Water, Turquoise Lake, Glacier Lake


El Chalten, Patagonia Argentina, Mount Fitz RoyAs I sit here in front of a screen, it’s ironic that I’m about to tell you to turn off the “screen” and go live. But I hope this “screen time” inspires you to turn off the electronics and go explore your beautiful world. I also hope it inspires you to think about how we can preserve the beauty and awe-inspiring places in our everyday lives. We can only love what we know…go get to know your world so you can learn how you can better love it.