Patapsco Valley Park Session- What can I say, Sarah and Kevin are troopers! After getting rained on during our first session, we really lucked out the second time around with sunshine and a blanket of snow. Sarah and Kevin hiked all throughout Ellicott City, and then a good mile through the snow at the Park. They totally committed to the creative process despite cold toes, slippery paths, thorns, and a long walk back to our cars in the dark. After such a great session that captured winter in all it’s glory, I think it’s safe to say farewell to the cold. But before the tulips rise and the cherry blossoms peak, here’s one last look at what a beautiful blanket of snow can do for a place locked in a deep freeze. It will be so nice to see green trees and grass once again, but there is something so romantic about getting cozy with the one you love on a snow day.

Patapsco Valley Park SessionPatapsco Valley State Park Engagement Session, Couple on Bridge Patapsco Valley State Park Engagement Session, Couple on BridgPatapsco Valley State Park Engagement Session, Winter Snow Engagement PhotosEllicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_005Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_006Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_007Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_008Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_009Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_010Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_011Winter Snow Engagement Photos, Couple on Red BenchWinter Snow Engagement Photos, Couple on Red BenchWinter Snow Engagement Photos, Couple on Red BenchWinter Snow Engagement Photos, Couple on Red BenchEllicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_016Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_017Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_018Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_019Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_020Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_021Winter Snow Engagement PhotosEllicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_023Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_024Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_025Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_026Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_027Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_028Snowy Engagement Photo Session in the ParkSnowy Engagement Photo SessionEllicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_031Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_032Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_033Ellicott_City_RachelSmithPhotography_034Couple on icy waterfallEngagement Ring on Bee Comb